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beaded anklet, Aqua Blue Cultured Pearl Crystal Beach Wedding Anklet- 9.25" Long



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Condition: New*Ma beach ankletde in USA by the seller*Length: 9.25" (Jump rings ca beach ankletn be a beach ankletdded by request if you need i t to be longer.*Ha beach ankletndma beach ankletde with white gla beach ankletss pea beach ankletrls a beach ankletnd white cultured rice pea beach ankletrl bea beach ankletds, a beach anklets well a beach anklets a beach ankletqua beach anklet blue fa beach ankletceted gla beach ankletss bea beach ankletds, clea beach ankletr crysta beach ankletl fa beach ankletceted bea beach ankletds, a beach ankletnd a beach anklet few silver pla beach ankletted da beach ankletisy spa beach ankletcers.The center bea beach ankletd is a beach anklet lovely a beach ankletqua beach anklet gla beach ankletss bea beach ankletd with a beach anklet glittery pa beach ankletttern circling a beach ankletround it.*Closure: Silver pla beach ankletted lobster cla beach ankletsp*Ca beach ankletn be worn for weddings, pa beach ankletrties, sitting by the pool, a beach anklett the bea beach ankletch, or fun event outside.Fa beach ankletst shipping within 24hrs with tra beach ankletcking to worldwide destina beach anklettions.

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