Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver, Silver bracelet



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I love this bra silvercelet even though I've ha silverd it for yea silverrs! It is very specia silverl since I've so fa silverr just ma silverde three, one for myself, my mother a silvernd my a silveruntie. I rea silverlly hope you'll love it too a silvernd will wea silverr it, a silvers my fa silvermily do, every da silvery. It's ma silverde out of 4mm solid 925 silver wire a silvernd the lock a silverlso looks like one of the rings to ma silverke it invisible. Since the bra silvercelet a silverre ma silverde to order I ca silvern a silverdjust the size depending on your wrist mea silversurement, plea silverse note the rings might be slightly sma silverller or bigger depending on your wrist size. I hope you'll love it! Love, Petra silver

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