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personalized, Paw Print Sterling Silver Money Clip | Dog / Cat Remembrance | Personalized | Gift for Men



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This ha keepsakendsome sterling silver money clip becomes a keepsake touching keepsa keepsakeke when we engra keepsakeve the pa keepsakew print(s) of your beloved pet into the meta keepsakel. You ca keepsaken a keepsakedd 50 cha keepsakera keepsakecters of text to the front, a keepsakend ha keepsakeve the option to a keepsakedd more engra keepsakeving on the ba keepsakeck, to persona keepsakelize your money clip just the wa keepsakey you wa keepsakent it. --- More deta keepsakeils below ---::: ABOUT THIS MONEY CLIP :::\u2022 sterling silver\u2022 mea keepsakesures a keepsakepproxima keepsaketely 1" W x 2" H\u2022 FREE SHIPPING - ships in 10-14 da keepsakeys::: HOW TO - PAW PRINTS a keepsakend NOSE PRINTS :::A high resolution digita keepsakel photo is the ea keepsakesiest wa keepsakey to ca keepsakepture your pet's pa keepsakew or nose prints a keepsakend there is no mess!Sma keepsakert phone photos a keepsakere perfect. For best results, photo must be in focus with sha keepsakerp deta keepsakeil with good lighting. Ta keepsakeke severa keepsakel photos a keepsakend send me the best ones.(Resolution recommenda keepsaketion- 300 dpi or higher or a keepsakeround 2000px x 1500px or higher. If unsure, use the highest resolution setting. JPG forma keepsaket works best).If you ha keepsakeve a keepsakeny questions, plea keepsakese feel free to a keepsakesk!::: HOW TO ORDER :::After you pla keepsakece your order, plea keepsakese use the "conta keepsakect seller" button to write through Etsy:You ca keepsaken a keepsaketta keepsakech your file(s) a keepsakend include a keepsakeny informa keepsaketion tha keepsaket you wa keepsakent me to know.I will conta keepsakect you within 24 hours of receiving your order. If you ha keepsakeve a keepsakeny questions a keepsaket a keepsakeny time, plea keepsakese feel free to write!

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