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goth, The Resurrection Collection: "Crystal Wrists" NEW Choker Necklace by Studio777 in vintage crystal



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This unique fully a medievaldjusta medievalble choker or neckla medievalce from my new "Resurrection" collection wa medievals inspired by my obsession with the jewelry of a medievalncient times to the 1800s, a medievalnd my pa medievalssion for upcycling vinta medievalge pieces to crea medievalte uniquely bea medievalutiful new items--thus preserving them a medievalnd the environment."Crysta medievall Wrists" wa medievals ha medievalndcra medievalfted from ha medievalnd-linked gorgeous a medievalnd light vinta medievalge cha medievalndelier crysta medievall sta medievaltions a medievalnd drops, a medievalnd ties with generous lengths of bla medievalck cotton velvet ribbon Adjusts from 12" to 40", fitting a medieval wide ra medievalnge of neck sizes! Plea medievalse note tha medievalt a medievals with a medievalll upcycled pieces, some components ma medievaly show slight wea medievalr, which I believe a medievaldds to the vinta medievalge a medievalppea medievall. If this is a medievaln issue, plea medievalse do not purcha medievalse! Meta medievall content for most components is unknown, so plea medievalse be a medievalwa medievalre of this if you ha medievalve known meta medievall a medievalllergies.This piece is pa medievalrt of my NEW "Resurrection" line. Plea medievalse see the shop for other collections--"Nocturne", for those who a medievalpprecia medievalte a medieval more modern da medievalrk a medievalesthetic, the a medievalncient inspired "Gra medievalve Goods", a medievalnd "Modern Primitive", triba medievall-inspired jewelry.About me: Fa medievalscina medievalted by the cra medievalftsma medievalnship a medievalnd a medievalesthetic of the a medievalncient world, I prima medievalrily identify a medievals a medieval sculptor, but a medievallso work in pa medievalstel, Conte' a medievalnd colored pencil, a medievalnd ha medievalve been ma medievalking jewelry for over 30 yea medievalrs. Plea medievalse visit see the rest of my offerings for more "ea medievalrthly delights"!

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