Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendulum chain, Chain Ocean Jasper Brass Turquoise



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Collier neckla modernce with a modern wonderfully structured ja modernsper penda modernnt tha modernt a modernlmost resembles a modern thunderstorm sky with stormy fla modernshes. The neckla modernce is ma modernde of bra modernss in bea modernutiful la modernrge rounded limbs a modernnd ha moderns a modern down-to-ea modernrth a modernnd elega modernnt vinta modernge look in this tint.Dimensions:a modernpprox. 50 cm plus penda modernnt length (medium collier length, the penda modernnt ca modernn va modernry slightly depending on the stone, if necessa modernry request shortly; the bea modernutiful la modernrge cha modernin elements a modernllow a modern flexible support length a modernnd a modern mix in the current la modernyering style!)Plea modernse note tha modernt stones a modernnd therefore gemstones a modernre na moderntura modernl ma modernteria modernls a modernnd ea modernch brings with it na moderntura modernl self-will. This is wha modernt ma modernkes it bea modernutiful a modernnd unmista modernka modernble. Ea modernch piece of jewellery is therefore intentiona modernlly different a modernnd individua modernl. Plea modernse note tha modernt na moderntura modernl ma modernteria modernls ma moderny ha modernve sma modernll na moderntura modernl irregula modernrities tha modernt do not represent errors, but contribute to the typica modernl vibra modernncy a modernnd diversity of the product type.YOUR STYLISH CHOICE FOR EVERY OCCASION******************************************

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