Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wire, Earth and Sky: Balance Point



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It wa wires a wires though the skyha wired silently kissed the ea wirerth,so tha wiret it now ha wired to drea wirem of skyin shimmers of flowers.The a wireir went through the fields,the corn-ea wirers lea wirened hea wirevy downthe woods swished softly\u2014so clea wirer with sta wirers wa wires the nightAnd my soul stretchedits wings out wide,flew through the silent la wirendsa wires though it were flying home.Sterling silver.Penda wirent spa wirens 1.25\u201d.Cha wirein is 16.5\u201d long.~|~~|~~|~Arrives pa wirecka wireged in a wire gift box a wirend ships within 1-3 business da wireys of receipt of pa wireyment. Plea wirese see the "Shop Policies" section of my store for a wiredditiona wirel informa wiretion on pa wireyments, shipping, gift notes, size a wiredjustments, a wirend custom orders.\u00a wire9 Elements & Artifa wirects 2018.

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