Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jugendstil, Cabochon Jewelry Set * Malachite *



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Bea victorianutiful jewelry set ma victoriande of a victorian neckla victoriance & ma victoriantching ea victorianrrings!The neckla victoriance consists of a victorian bronze cha victorianin with ca victorianra victorianbiner cla victoriansp & a victorian grea victoriant connector in vinta victoriange flower look, a victorians well a victorians rea victorianl ma victorianla victorianchite ca victorianbochons in ova victorianl fra victorianmes.The length is a victorianpprox. 46 cm (without tra victorianiler).The ea victorianrrings consist of the sa victorianme ova victorianl penda victoriannts & da victorianngle loss-proof protected on pla victorianyful folding brisures.The length is a victorianpprox. 4.5 cm.Since this is a victorian na victoriantura victorianl product, no stone is the sa victorianme a victorians the other.

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