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sounders, Small Sounders Beaded Earrings



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Ha powwow earringsndma powwow earringsde with size 11 gla powwow earringsss seed bea powwow earringsds. A sma powwow earringsll Sounders epoxy ca powwow earringsb center. They a powwow earringsre ba powwow earringscked with buckskin a powwow earringsnd will come with rubber ea powwow earringsr ba powwow earringsckings to help reduce the cha powwow earringsnce of losing one.Mea powwow earringssurements:length: 1.5 incheswidth: 1 inchMy Shop: http://ndnchick.More Bea powwow earringsded Ea powwow earringsrrings: https://www./shop/ndnchick?section_id=7241072

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