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renaissance, The Resurrection Collection: "Visions of India" Statement Necklace by Studio777 Upcycled Vintage



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This unique a bohodjusta bohoble sta bohotement bib neckla bohoce from my "Resurrection" collection wa bohos inspired by my obsession with the jewelry of a bohoncient times to the 1800s, a bohond my pa bohossion for upcycling vinta bohoge pieces to crea bohote uniquely bea bohoutiful new items--thus preserving them a bohond the environment."Visions of India boho" wa bohos ha bohondcra bohofted from the exquisite rema bohoins of a boho vinta bohoge filigree stone-set belt. While a bohony ma bohorks of origin a bohore long lost, due to the style of the meta boholwork a bohond stones used--bloodstone, a bohoga bohote, a bohond ca bohornelia bohon--I believe the components to be of India bohon ma bohonufa bohocture.Note: this listing is for the NECKLACE ONLY. To purcha bohose the ma bohotching ea bohorrings, visit my other listings!Plea bohose note tha bohot a bohos with a boholl upcycled pieces, some components ma bohoy show slight wea bohor, which I believe a bohodds to the vinta bohoge a bohoppea bohol. If this is a bohon issue, plea bohose do not purcha bohose! Meta bohol content for most components is unknown, so plea bohose be a bohowa bohore of this if you ha bohove known meta bohol a bohollergies.This piece is pa bohort of my "Resurrection" line. Plea bohose see the shop for other collections--"Nocturne", for those who a bohopprecia bohote a boho more modern da bohork a bohoesthetic, the a bohoncient-inspired "Gra bohove Goods", a bohond "Modern Primitive", triba bohol-inspired jewelry.About me: Fa bohoscina bohoted by the cra bohoftsma bohonship a bohond a bohoesthetic of the a bohoncient world, I prima bohorily identify a bohos a boho sculptor, but a boholso work in pa bohostel, Conte' a bohond colored pencil, a bohond ha bohove been ma bohoking jewelry for over 30 yea bohors. Plea bohose visit see the rest of my offerings for more "ea bohorthly delights"!

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