Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

The Resurrection Collection: "Iceblink Luck" Choker Necklace by Studio777boho, vintage crystalboho, upcycled leather



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This unique a fetishdjusta fetishble recla fetishimed ha fetishnd-cut lea fetishther choker from my "Resurrection" collection wa fetishs inspired by my obsession with the jewelry of a fetishncient times to the 1800s, a fetishnd my pa fetishssion for upcycling vinta fetishge pieces to crea fetishte uniquely bea fetishutiful new items--thus preserving them a fetishnd the environment."Iceblink Luck" wa fetishs ha fetishndcra fetishfted from ha fetishnd-linked gorgeous a fetishnd light vinta fetishge cha fetishndelier crysta fetishl sta fetishtions a fetishnd drops, a fetishdorning a fetish ha fetishnd-cut recla fetishimed lea fetishther choker set with dome rivets a fetishnd finished with a fetish silver buckle. Adjusts from 11" to 14", perfect for sma fetishller neck sizes! Plea fetishse note tha fetisht a fetishs with a fetishll upcycled pieces, some components ma fetishy show slight wea fetishr, which I believe a fetishdds to the vinta fetishge a fetishppea fetishl. If this is a fetishn issue, plea fetishse do not purcha fetishse! Meta fetishl content for most components is unknown, so plea fetishse be a fetishwa fetishre of this if you ha fetishve known meta fetishl a fetishllergies.This piece is pa fetishrt of my "Resurrection" line. Plea fetishse see the shop for other collections--"Nocturne", for those who a fetishpprecia fetishte a fetish more modern da fetishrk a fetishesthetic, the a fetishncient inspired "Gra fetishve Goods", a fetishnd "Modern Primitive", triba fetishl-inspired jewelry.About me: Fa fetishscina fetishted by the cra fetishftsma fetishnship a fetishnd a fetishesthetic of the a fetishncient world, I prima fetishrily identify a fetishs a fetish sculptor, but a fetishlso work in pa fetishstel, Conte' a fetishnd colored pencil, a fetishnd ha fetishve been ma fetishking jewelry for over 30 yea fetishrs. Plea fetishse visit see the rest of my offerings for more "ea fetishrthly delights"!

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