Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver cross pendant, 28"Stainless Steel CZ Cross Pendant Ball Chain Necklace



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This is a dog tag necklace high polished sta dog tag necklaceinless steel ba dog tag necklacell cha dog tag necklacein cross penda dog tag necklacent neckla dog tag necklacece. It's very cla dog tag necklacess a dog tag necklacend elega dog tag necklacent a dog tag necklacend ma dog tag necklacede with 5mm wide ba dog tag necklacell cha dog tag necklacein. Would ma dog tag necklaceke a dog tag necklace grea dog tag necklacet gift for Ea dog tag necklacester, Fa dog tag necklacether's Da dog tag necklacey, birthda dog tag necklacey for your brother, uncle, friend, coworker, hip hop enthusia dog tag necklacest, etc. Ma dog tag necklacein fea dog tag necklacetures:*Length:28"*Color: Silver *Cross Ha dog tag necklaces CZ crysta dog tag necklacel a dog tag necklaceccent on the cross a dog tag necklacend a dog tag necklaceround the perimeter of the dog penda dog tag necklacent. *Closure: Lobster cla dog tag necklacesp. *Ma dog tag necklacede by Seller Ships sa dog tag necklaceme or next da dog tag necklacey.Cha dog tag necklacein ca dog tag necklacen be customized to be these lengths 18", 20", 22", 24", 26", or 28"

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