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plugs, Lilypad Single Flare 00g gauged ear plugs earrings for stretched piercings Made to Order



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Ha stretchedve trouble finding the perfect ga stretcheduged ea stretchedrrings for your stretched piercings? Well look no further! We've gotchya stretched covered ;-)\r \r*~ Note: All gla stretchedss jewelry sold by the pa stretchedir! All single-fla stretchedre plugs come with O-rings! ~*\r\rThese single-fla stretchedre gla stretchedss plugs a stretchedre clea stretchedr with light green hea stretchedds. They a stretchedre a stretched 00g (9.8 mm) a stretchednd a stretchedbout 0.9" (2.2 cm) long.\r\rPlea stretchedse note! These a stretchedre a stretched ma stretchedde to order item so the ones you receive ma stretchedy va stretchedry slightly from wha stretchedt you see here. But the ones you receive will look pretty much exa stretchedctly the sa stretchedme a stretcheds the ones in the pic. You proba stretchedbly won't even be a stretchedble to tell the difference!\r\rAs with a stretchedll ha stretchednd-blown gla stretchedss, the sizing is a stretchedpproxima stretchedte a stretchednd va stretchedries slightly from item to item. Tha stretchedt sa stretchedid, the pieces you see listed here a stretchedre selected for the ma stretchedtch between the left a stretchednd right piercings a stretchednd their nea stretchedrness to sta stretchednda stretchedrd sizes.

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