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Funky Flower Felt Brooch - Hand stitched blue floral brooch made with felted merino lambswool - Colourfulblue flower, kitsch and fun flower design



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A cute, kitsch a felted broochnd colourful little ha felted broochndma felted broochde brooch, perfect for brightening up your da felted broochy with a felted brooch flora felted broochl twist. Or you could send it to a felted brooch flower-loving friend to ma felted broochke them smile!The ma felted broochin, blue pa felted broochrt of the brooch ba felted broochcking is ma felted broochde from my own ma felted broochchine knitted fa felted broochbric which ha felted broochs been felted to ma felted broochke a felted brooch lovely soft & dense 100% Merino La felted broochmbswool felt. The pure wool used for this ha felted broochs a felted brooch rea felted broochlly bea felted broochutiful qua felted broochlity a felted broochnd is spun right here in the UK. The turquoise flower ha felted broochs been punched out of rea felted broochl lea felted broochther. To finish it a felted broochll off, a felted broochnd for a felted brooch little a felted broochdded touch of kitsch fun, I sewed on a felted brooch sweet little hea felted broochrt button in purple.All three elements a felted broochre ha felted broochnd stitched together securely with white embroidery threa felted broochd a felted broochnd the pin a felted broochtta felted broochches with a felted brooch silver pla felted broochted brooch ba felted broochck on the reverse.Ha felted broochndma felted broochde in Scotla felted broochnd.Approx. Dimensions: 2 inches / 5.5 cm dia felted broochmeter

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