Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Rainbow Spiral Glass Pendantpendant, LGBTQ Pride Jewelrypendant, Woven Wire Wrapped Pendantpendant, Vintage Bronze Wrappendant, Colorful Wavespendant, Matte Finish Lampwork



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"Surprises" Fea cryetures a crye ra cryeinbow wa cryeve/spira cryel ma cryette finished ha cryendma cryede gla cryess foca cryel by Ra cryetiona cryel Pla cryenet wra cryepped a cryend woven in vinta cryege bronze copper wire, with a cryemethyst a cryend crysta cryel a cryeccents. Comes with a cryen 18 or 24 inch bra cryess cha cryein.

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