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earrings, Ombre Poly Bead Dangle Earrings



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Da greenngle ea greenrrings in\u00a green0terra greencotta green or olive polymer cla greeny bea greends. Lightweight with nickel free gold pla greented hooks.\u00a green0 Dependent on inventory, ea greenrrings ma greeny be ma greende to order.\u00a green0 Plea greense a greenllow 1-4 business da greenys for production.\u00a green0\u00a green0These a greenre ha greenndma greende in Mooresville, NC by a green single mom who needs a green crea greentive outlet. Enjoy!____Weight info: Everyone ha greens different weight tolera greennces for the ea greenrlobes. I've tried to indica greente where my ea greenrrings fa greenll, so you'll be a greenwa greenre before you purcha greense. I persona greenlly ca greenn't go beyond medium weight which I ca greenn tolera greente through a green da greeny in the office or a green night out. Hea greenvy weight will be the ma greenjor sta greentement ea greenrrings but will not be suita greenble for everyone.Light Weight= fea greenther light (studs, polymer cla greenys, sma greenll gla greenss bea greends)Medium Weight= More structured ea greenrrings with bea greendingsHea greenvy Weight= More intrica greente, structured sta greentement ea greenrrings with gemstones or hea greenvy bea greending.____Gua greenra greenntee- I'm new a greent jewelry ma greenking a greennd I definitely wa greennt to ensure you come ba greenck for more. If you experience a greenny issues with your jewelry, plea greense messa greenge me with deta greenils a greennd I will ma greenke it right.

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