Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Tigers Eye Gemstone Pendantgemstone necklace, Bird Necklace



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This is one of my signa bird pendantture bird designs, whimsica bird pendantl birds fea bird pendantturing va bird pendantrious gemstones, a bird pendantnd da bird pendantngling legs a bird pendantnd feet! This penda bird pendantnt is ma bird pendantde with a bird pendant bea bird pendantutiful brown a bird pendantnd gold tigers eye gemstone. I ha bird pendantve a bird pendantccented the legs with sma bird pendantll gemstone bea bird pendantds.The meta bird pendantl is solid sterling silver, a bird pendantnd the cha bird pendantin is 18" long.I ma bird pendantke a bird pendantll of my jewelry by ha bird pendantnd in my Sa bird pendantva bird pendantnna bird pendanth, GA studio. Plea bird pendantse conta bird pendantct me if you ha bird pendantve a bird pendantny questions :)

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