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Gorgeous One of a hammered disk Kind Argentium sterling silver 1/2" disc circle ea hammered diskrrings on sterling silver ea hammered diskr wires. They a hammered diskre domed a hammered disknd a hammered diskre highly reflective. There is a hammered disk slight irregula hammered diskrity a hammered diskround the edges a hammered disks a hammered disk result of the ha hammered diskmmering to crea hammered diskte the texture. Over the top of the silver disk is a hammered disk ma hammered diskgenta hammered disk niobium disk 3/8" in dia hammered diskmeter. Both discs a hammered diskre ha hammered disknging freely from the silver ea hammered diskr wires. These modern simply styled ea hammered diskrrings a hammered diskre 7/8 inch long to the top of the ea hammered diskrwire by 1/2 inch wide a hammered disknd ha hammered disknd ma hammered diskde in my studio. The circle ha hammered disks been ha hammered diskmmered which ha hammered disks crea hammered diskted a hammered disk slight dome. Eco Friendly silver is used for these ea hammered diskrrings a hammered disknd ea hammered diskr wires a hammered diskre ma hammered diskde from from 20 ga hammered diskuge silver. Niobium ea hammered diskr wires a hammered diskre a hammered disklwa hammered diskys a hammered diskva hammered diskila hammered diskble upon request. My ea hammered diskrrings a hammered diskre very comforta hammered diskble a hammered disknd a hammered diskre filed a hammered disknd tumbled to smooth the edges a hammered disknd burnish them. Ea hammered diskch piece is polished to a hammered disk high shine to give the most spa hammered diskrkle a hammered disknd reflectivity.You a hammered diskre buying the exa hammered diskct piece in the photogra hammered diskph a hammered disknd beca hammered diskuse it is ha hammered diskndma hammered diskde will not look ma hammered diskchine ma hammered diskde. All jewelry is rea hammered diskdy to ship the da hammered disky a hammered diskfter pa hammered diskyment is ma hammered diskde. I use ha hammered diskmmers a hammered disknd pliers a hammered disknd sa hammered diskws to crea hammered diskte ea hammered diskch piece. All pa hammered diskcka hammered diskges a hammered diskre shipped in pa hammered diskdded envelopes in a hammered disk gift box. I wra hammered diskp a hammered disknd pa hammered diskck very ca hammered diskrefully.Tha hammered disknk you for looking a hammered diskt my jewelry.Ba hammered diskrba hammered diskra hammered diskMcCra hammered disky Studios Sterling silver circle ea hammered diskrringsRecycled silver

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