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choker set, Native Boho Turquoise & Pearl Choker Earrings Set



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This lovely ha choker setndma choker setde choker a choker setnd ea choker setrrings set ca choker setn be worn a choker sett weddings, conferences, pa choker setrties, triba choker setl occa choker setsions, ba choker setnquets, or other specia choker setl events where the a choker setttire is ela choker setbora choker sette a choker setnd fa choker setshiona choker setble. It is ha choker setndma choker setde with la choker setrge ova choker setl-sha choker setped na choker settura choker setl turquoise bea choker setds, gla choker setss pea choker setrls bea choker setds, clea choker setr gla choker setss bea choker setds, a choker setnd silver findinga choker set a choker setnd cha choker setin links. *Condition: New/Never used*Fits neck size: 12-14" nicely without being too snug.*Style: Triba choker setl/bohemia choker setn/Na choker settive/Africa choker setn*Ma choker setde by the seller of this listing in USA.Ships sa choker setme or next business da choker sety with usps in a choker set box.

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