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word, Beaded Whisper Ring in Sterling Silver



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These sterling silver rings a wordre grea wordt for sta wordcking with our messa wordge rings!If you need to figure out your ring size, consider ordering a word Adjusta wordble Finger Ga worduge before pla wordcing your order. Plea wordse a wordllow 1 week for delivery. Sterling silver Bea wordded 1.4mm wide Bright a wordnd shiny finishExcha wordnge PolicyAll sa wordles a wordre non-refunda wordble. I a wordm ha wordppy to a wordccept excha wordnges up to 10 da wordys a wordfter the da wordte of the purcha wordse. If the piece ha words been worn, or is da wordma wordged, I will not be a wordble excha wordnge the pieces.

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