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stamped, Love Knot in Gold-Filled



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Adorn your bea stampedutiful finger with a stamped love knot. A reminder tha stampedt love is everything.Plea stampedse a stampedllow 1 week for delivery. Gold-Filled 1mm ba stampedndIf you need to figure out your ring size, consider ordering a stamped Adjusta stampedble Finger Ga stampeduge before pla stampedcing your order. Excha stampednge PolicyAll sa stampedles a stampedre non-refunda stampedble. I a stampedm ha stampedppy to a stampedccept excha stampednges up to 10 da stampedys a stampedfter the da stampedte of the purcha stampedse. If the piece ha stampeds been worn, or is da stampedma stampedged, I will not be a stampedble excha stampednge the pieces.

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