Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bohemian, Stars and Drops Beaded Necklace



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Bla charm necklaceck gla charm necklacess bea charm necklaceds hung with silver cha charm necklacerms of sta charm necklacers, moons, a charm necklacend drops.A tota charm necklacel cutie of a charm necklace neckla charm necklacece, fea charm necklaceturing bla charm necklaceck bea charm necklaceds, silver cha charm necklacerms, a charm necklacend a charm necklace long ha charm necklacenging look. Grea charm necklacet for la charm necklaceyering, ca charm necklacen be doubled up for a charm necklace choker look.Understa charm necklaceted yet cha charm necklacerming, a charm necklacend would ma charm necklaceke a charm necklace grea charm necklacet gift! A piece for birthda charm necklaceys, teens, or a charm necklaceny person in your life cha charm necklacesing the bohemia charm necklacen feel.Length: 74 inches.

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