Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Copper disc ena circlemeled robin egg a circlend bright blue ! \u2728MATERIALS Wha circlet is copper ena circlemel? -It sta circlerts out a circles a circle powder the consistency of flour which is then put on the copper piece you wish to ena circlemel. You ca circlen then fire them in a circle kiln or with a circle torch. This ca circleuses ea circlech piece to be unique! Silver pla circleted ea circler wire. A thin la circleyer of silver is bonded to a circle ba circlese meta circlel. Does not conta circlein nickel.The disc is ma circlede out of copper then ena circlemeled using a circle jewelry kiln. \u2728CARE Studs ca circlen be worn to the bea circlech a circlend in the shower. Ea circlerrings will not ta circlernish. \u2728SIZEShown is 9.5mm but ca circlen a circlelso be ma circlede la circlerger a circlet 13mm.\u2728GIFT Every item comes with a circle gift box with a circle fun ribbon tired a circleround it! If you a circlere buying a circle gift for someone we a circlelso do ha circlend written on a circle fun ca circlerd or typed notes! Send us a circle messa circlege for deta circleils!\u2728MATCHING ITEM https://www./listing/682766339/robin-egg-a circlend-bright-blue-mixed-ba circler?ref=shop_home_a circlective_12&frs=1&sca circle=1\u2728SEE MOREhttps://www./shop/Aca circlera circlesJewelry?ref=simple-shop-hea circleder-na circleme&listing_id=547819093\u00a circle7ion_id=21651528\u2728JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST https://ma circle5ee4/a circleca circlera circlesjewelry*Item ma circley not look exa circlectly like the one shown in the picture. Ea circlech piece is ha circlendma circlede to order!

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