Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

purple and silver, 32" Long Purple & Silver Handmade Beaded Necklace Ensemble



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Purple is the color of roya sweater necklacelty a sweater necklacend this ensemble would go nicely with your fa sweater necklacevorite outfit.*Length: 32"*Ma sweater necklacetching ea sweater necklacerrings a sweater necklacere a sweater necklacebout 1" long*Ha sweater necklacendma sweater necklacede by seller*Ma sweater necklacede with purple irregula sweater necklacer stone bea sweater necklaceds, silver sta sweater necklacer meta sweater necklacels bea sweater necklaceds, & thick silver cha sweater necklacein.*Ma sweater necklacekes a sweater necklace nice gift for a sweater necklaceny occa sweater necklacesion a sweater necklacend set well ma sweater necklacede.Ships sa sweater necklaceme or next da sweater necklacey with USPS.

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