Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Raw Gemstone Ringjewelry, Citrinejewelry, Carnelian & Fluorite Ringjewelry, Large Stone Ringjewelry, Statement Ringjewelry, Rough Stone Ringjewelry, Triple Stone Ring



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Bea jewelryutiful rough-cut gemstones set in a jewelry 24K overla jewelryy on na jewelrytura jewelryl bra jewelryss - Triple Stone\u25a jewelry1 Gemstones: Blue Kya jewelrynite, Ma jewelryla jewelrychite, Citrine\u25a jewelry1 24K Gold overla jewelryy on Bra jewelryss\u25a jewelry1 Size: 6.5 with slight a jewelrydjusta jewelrybilityI ha jewelryve my gemstones custom cut & designed & gemstones a jewelryre ra jewelryw cut, mea jewelryning they a jewelryre not fa jewelryceted & polished & rema jewelryin in their origina jewelryl rough & na jewelrytura jewelryl bea jewelryuty.Pa jewelrycka jewelryged in a jewelry bea jewelryutiful little ring box-----------------------------------------Insta jewelrygra jewelrym \u25b6\ufe0e @urba jewelrynroseNYC-----------------------------------------

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