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cactus, Faux Leather Cactus Earrings



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Super cute fa cactusux lea cactusther ca cactusctus ea cactusrrings!Ca cactusctus sha cactuspes ha cactusve been cut from fa cactusux lea cactusther tha cactust ha cactusve a cactus "cork" vibe with va cactusrious colored stripes.Ea cactusrrings mea cactussure a cactusbout 2"h by 1.25"w, a cactusre a cactustta cactusched to a cactusn a cactusntique bronze ea cactusrring hook, a cactusre nickel-free, a cactusnd ha cactusve pla cactusstic ea cactusrring ba cactuscks.**Note: Plea cactusse be a cactuswa cactusre tha cactust pa cactusttern pla cactuscement ma cactusy va cactusry. There a cactuslso ma cactusy be a cactus slight va cactusria cactustion in sha cactusde & color due to the monitor you a cactusre view the picture on.

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