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Sterling Silver Earringsearrings, Thors Hammer .5" x .75"



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Silver Ea earringsrrings, Thors Ha earringsmmer .5" x .75"Sterling Silver Sca earringsndina earringsvia earringsn Norse Thor's Ha earringsmmer Ea earringsrrings a earringsre a earringsn eye ca earringstching sta earringstement piece.\u00a earrings0\u00a earrings0Bea earringsutifully designed\u00a earrings0of high qua earringslity solid sterling silver. The intrica earringste deta earringsil is revea earringsled on both sides a earringss they da earringsngle\u00a earrings0delica earringstely from the ea earringsrs.The best known symbol in Norse mythology, wea earringsring Thor\u2019s Ha earringsmmer is sa earringsid to provide protection, strength, a earringsnd power.\u00a earrings0 Add these to your own jewelry collection or give them a earringss a earrings thoughtful gift for someone specia earringsl in your life!

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