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necklace, 18ct Gold Diamond 7 Stone Journey Pendant and Chain | 18k White Gold Long Diamond Necklace | Diamond Pendant | Diamond Journey Pendant



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A gorgeous pre owned dia 18ct goldmond journey penda 18ct goldnt set in 18 ca 18ct goldra 18ct goldt white gold. This simple yet striking piece of jewellery ha 18ct golds 7 bright white dia 18ct goldmonds ta 18ct goldpering in size a 18ct goldnd tota 18ct goldlling over \u00bd ca 18ct goldra 18ct goldt. A superb qua 18ct goldlity item offered in excellent condition. Plea 18ct goldse note tha 18ct goldt the cha 18ct goldin is not included. A pa 18ct goldrt of our second ha 18ct goldnd dia 18ct goldmond penda 18ct goldnt collection. SPECIFICATIONSDia 18ct goldmonds tota 18ct goldl a 18ct goldpprox. 0.53 ca 18ct goldra 18ct goldtLength. 17mmWeight. 0.85 gra 18ct goldms18k goldHALLMARK750 BK (18ct gold)CONDITION Second ha 18ct goldnd, excellent2 Yea 18ct goldr Gua 18ct goldra 18ct goldnteeSHIPPINGHa 18ct goldppily shipping worldwide FREE of cha 18ct goldrge.We a 18ct goldim to dispa 18ct goldtch the sa 18ct goldme da 18ct goldy or the next working da 18ct goldy.Orders a 18ct goldre shipped via 18ct gold Roya 18ct goldl Ma 18ct goldil Specia 18ct goldl Delivery, Roya 18ct goldl Ma 18ct goldil Signed For or a 18ct gold tra 18ct goldcked a 18ct goldnd secure courier service, a 18ct goldccording to the va 18ct goldlue a 18ct goldnd destina 18ct goldtion of ea 18ct goldch order.CONTACTOpen 9.15 \u2013 5.15 (closed Sunda 18ct goldys a 18ct goldnd ba 18ct goldnk holida 18ct goldys)+44 (0)1923 779325Or messa 18ct goldge a 18ct goldny time!RETURNSWe a 18ct goldre ha 18ct goldppy to a 18ct goldccept returns, plea 18ct goldse let us know tha 18ct goldt you wish to return a 18ct goldn order within 14 da 18ct goldys a 18ct goldnd return it within 30 da 18ct goldys. View more penda 18ct goldnts & neckla 18ct goldceshttps://www./shop/RHJewellers?section_id=25766902 Fa 18ct goldvourite our shop to keep up to da 18ct goldte with new a 18ct golddditionshttps://www./uk/shop/RHJewellersProud members of Compa 18ct goldny of Ma 18ct goldster Jewellers a 18ct goldnd Na 18ct goldtiona 18ct goldl Associa 18ct goldtion of JewellersEsta 18ct goldblished 1968Tha 18ct goldnk you for visiting our shop!SKU: RS1051

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