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fourth of july, Faux Leather Metallic Blue and Black Stripe Raindrop Earrings



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Fa earringsbulous fa earringsux lea earringsther meta earringsllic blue a earringsnd bla earringsck stripe ra earringsindrop ea earringsrrings!The perfect ea earringsrrings for the 4th of July a earringsnd a earringsll yea earringsr long!Ea earringsrrings a earringsre fa earringsux lea earringsther with meta earringsllic colored blue a earringsnd bla earringsck stripes a earringsnd mea earringssure 1.79"h by 1.4"w, a earringsre a earringstta earringsched to bla earringsck ea earringsrring hooks, a earringsre nickel-free, a earringsnd ha earringsve pla earringsstic ea earringsrring ba earringscks.**Note: Plea earringsse be a earringswa earringsre tha earringst pa earringsttern pla earringscement ma earringsy va earringsry. There a earringslso ma earringsy be a earrings slight va earringsria earringstion in sha earringsde & color due to the monitor you a earringsre viewing the picture on. Also, a earringsll glittered, mirrored, a earringsnd "meta earringsllic" colored fa earringsux lea earringsther pieces a earringsre ha earringsnd cut by myself a earringsnd ma earringsy ha earringsve very, very, VERY minute imperfections on edges where they ha earringsve been cut beca earringsuse I'm huma earringsn :)

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