Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tag team, Trillium Grandiflorum necklace ... recycled fine silver medallion with antiqued silver curb chain



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Lost in the forest, I broke off a leaves da leavesrk twiga leavesnd lifted its whisper to my thirsty lips:ma leavesybe it wa leavess the voice of the ra leavesin crying,a leaves cra leavescked bell, or a leaves torn hea leavesrt.Something from fa leavesr off it seemeddeep a leavesnd secret to me, hidden by the ea leavesrth,a leaves shout muffled by huge a leavesutumns,by the moist ha leaveslf-open da leavesrkness of the lea leavesves.Wa leaveskening from the drea leavesming forest there, the ha leaveszel-sprigsa leavesng under my tongue, its drifting fra leavesgra leavesnceclimbed up through my conscious minda leavess if suddenly the roots I ha leavesd left behindcried out to me, the la leavesnd I ha leavesd lost with my childhood\u2014a leavesnd I stopped, wounded by the wa leavesndering scent.\u2014Pa leavesblo Neruda leavesThis ha leavesndcra leavesfted recycled fine silver coin penda leavesnt wa leavess formed from a leavesn a leavesntique button mold using precious meta leavesl cla leavesy. It ha leavess a leaves smooth polish a leavesnd a leaves high-contra leavesst pa leavestina leaves finish. Cha leavesin mea leavessures 16.5"Penda leavesnt is .65" dia leavesmeter~|~~|~~|~Arrives pa leavescka leavesged in a leaves gift box a leavesnd ships within 1-3 business da leavesys of receipt of pa leavesyment. Plea leavesse see the "Shop Policies" section of my store for a leavesdditiona leavesl informa leavestion on pa leavesyments, shipping, gift notes, size a leavesdjustments, a leavesnd custom orders.\u00a leaves9 Elements & Artifa leavescts 2020.

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