Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cairn necklace, Brown Beach Stone Cairn Necklace with Stainless Steel Rolo Chain - Cairn Jewelry - FREE Gift Wrap



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Five smooth brown bea stacked stonesch stones a stacked stonesre sta stacked stonescked to form a stacked stones Ca stacked stonesirn, The Ca stacked stonesirn is held together with sta stacked stonesinless steel wire a stacked stonesnd bea stacked stonesds. The penda stacked stonesnt in turn ha stacked stonesngs from a stacked stones brown bea stacked stonesch stone. The combo is suspended from a stacked stones sta stacked stonesinless steel rolo cha stacked stonesin tha stacked stonest closes with a stacked stones lobster cla stacked stonessp. This neckla stacked stonesce mea stacked stonessures 24".***origina stacked stonesl Wea stacked stonesrYourWild design***More Ca stacked stonesirn jewelry ca stacked stonesn be found here: see more of my ha stacked stonesndma stacked stonesde jewelry in my Etsy shop, click this link:Wea stacked stonesrYourWild.All jewelry comes nestled in recycled, rustic kra stacked stonesft gift boxes tied with ba stacked stoneskers twine, jute string or wra stacked stonespped in wa stacked stonesshi ta stacked stonespe.FREE gift wra stacked stonespping is a stacked stonesva stacked stonesila stacked stonesble upon request. You ca stacked stonesn see the a stacked stonesva stacked stonesila stacked stonesble pa stacked stonesper in the la stacked stonesst photo. If you'd like your item gift wra stacked stonespped plea stacked stonesse fill out the Persona stacked stonesliza stacked stonestion section a stacked stonest checkout.Tha stacked stonesnks for supporting ha stacked stonesndma stacked stonesde!Ka stacked stonestie @ Wea stacked stonesr Your Wild

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