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aviators, St Therese Lisieux 8mm Chaplet w/Instructions



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Cha catholicplet of St Therese with la catholicmina catholicted Instruction ca catholicrd a catholicnd La catholicmina catholicted Pra catholicyer Ca catholicrd. 24- 8mm PINK gla catholicss bea catholicds with 1 - 8mm Jet crysta catholicl bea catholicd, sta catholicinless steel cha catholicin sections a catholicnd a catholic 3/4 inch oxidized St Therese meda catholicl.Length is 8 3/4 inches.Instructions tell you how to pra catholicy the cha catholicplet.PATRON of Avia catholictors, Florists, Foreign missions, bodily ills, Tuberculosis & AIDS sufferers.Fea catholicst Da catholicy October 1st

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