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Copper Dra statement earringsgonfly Ea statement earringsrrings, Copper Art Ea statement earringsrrings, Ha statement earringsndcra statement earringsfted Copper Ea statement earringsrrings Ma statement earringsde From Pure Copper with Colorful Artwork, 2-PIece Cutout Ea statement earringsrrings\u25a statement earrings1 Ma statement earringsteria statement earringsl: Solid Copper & Bra statement earringsss\u25a statement earrings1 Artwork: Green Blue Flora statement earringsl\u25a statement earrings1 Cutout Dra statement earringsgonfly Flora statement earringsl Overla statement earringsy\u25a statement earrings1 Beveled Dia statement earringsmond-Cut Edging\u25a statement earrings1 Size: 24.5 MM long x 18.5 MM wide--------------------------The Process--------------------------It ta statement earringskes a statement earrings 32-step process to complete ea statement earringsch piece. Copper sheets a statement earringsre polished, silver-pla statement earringsted a statement earringsnd the designs a statement earringsre printed onto the silver-pla statement earringsted surfa statement earringsce. All pieces a statement earringsre cut-out by ha statement earringsnd using jewelers\u2019 shea statement earringsrs which a statement earringsre then meticulously dia statement earringsmond cut so tha statement earringst they spa statement earringsrkle a statement earringss if they ha statement earringsve dia statement earringsmonds inserted in them. This ma statement earringskes the ha statement earringsndcra statement earringsfted jewelry look more expensive. All ha statement earringsndma statement earringsde copper jewelry is ma statement earringsde from 99% copper. Copper is a statement earrings sa statement earringsfe meta statement earringsl a statement earringsnd ma statement earringsny people buy copper jewelry to wea statement earringsr for hea statement earringslth rea statement earringssons. Ea statement earringsch piece is ma statement earringsde by ha statement earringsnd, ha statement earringsndcra statement earringsfting copper sheets into unique one-of-a statement earrings-kind jewelry. The copper sheets a statement earringsre then polished using buffing tools a statement earringsnd steel brushing to a statement earringschieve the ma statement earringstte a statement earringsnd subtle effect on ea statement earringsch piece. Specia statement earringsl finishes a statement earringsre a statement earringspplied to ma statement earringske them la statement earringsst for yea statement earringsrs, so they ca statement earringsn be enjoyed without a statement earringsny specia statement earringsl ca statement earringsre. These protective coa statement earringstings a statement earringslso protect the copper jewelry from ta statement earringsrnishing.--------------------------Proper Ca statement earringsre--------------------------These pieces should not be worn in the shower a statement earringss soa statement earringsp a statement earringsnd detergents ma statement earringsy ha statement earringsrm the finish. Rings especia statement earringslly should be removed when wa statement earringsshing a statement earringsnd should not come into conta statement earringsct with ha statement earringsnd sa statement earringsnitizers. Wea statement earringsring is not recommended during sports, swimming, or ga statement earringsrdening. With proper ca statement earringsre, you will enjoy them for ma statement earringsny, ma statement earringsny yea statement earringsrs.-----------------------------------------Insta statement earringsgra statement earringsm \u25b6\ufe0e @urba statement earringsnroseNYC-----------------------------------------

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