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Leather Mandala Earringstribal festival, Flower Earringstribal festival, Beaded Leather Chandelier Earrings ~ Rustic Fleur in Sage Green and Plum



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Vinta leather earringsge inspired, bohemia leather earringsn a leather earringsnd ea leather earringsrthy...Ha leather earringsnd-cut lea leather earringsther drop ea leather earringsrrings in dusty sa leather earringsge green, imprinted with a leather earrings rustic ma leather earringsnda leather earringsla leather earrings flower design in rich plum. Mysterious multicolored crysta leather earringsl bea leather earringsds swa leather earringsy a leather earringsnd shimmer with movement. The ea leather earringsrrings ha leather earringsng from a leather earringsntiqued bra leather earringsss fishhook-style wires, with silicone ba leather earringscks included.~~~<<\u2734>>~~~Ea leather earringsrrings mea leather earringssure a leather earringsbout 2 1/4 inches (5.7 cm) long from the top of the wires, a leather earringsnd just over 1 inch (2.6 cm) wideCompleted a leather earringsnd rea leather earringsdy for shipping~~~<<\u2734>>~~~To see a leather earringsll of our ea leather earringsrrings, click here:https://www./shop/Viridia leather earringsn?section_id=30182198To go ba leather earringsck to Viridia leather earringsn's homepa leather earringsge, click here:https://www./shop/Viridia leather earringsn

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