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Gemstone Earringsgemstone earrings, Ruby Earringsgemstone earrings, Stud Earringsgemstone earrings, Rough-Cut Gemstone Post Earrings Set in Brushed .925 Sterling Silvergemstone earrings, Raw Ruby Studs



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Gemstone Ea jewelryrrings, Ruby Ea jewelryrrings, Stud Ea jewelryrrings, Rough-Cut Gemstone Post Ea jewelryrrings Set in Brushed .925 Sterling Silver, Ra jewelryw Ruby Studs\u25a jewelry1 Gemstone: Ruby\u25a jewelry1 Brushed Sterling Silver\u25a jewelry1 Size: Approxima jewelrytely 13.6 MM x 9.3 MM\u25a jewelry1 Sha jewelrype: Asymmetrica jewelrylI ha jewelryve the gemstones custom cut & designed & gemstones a jewelryre ra jewelryw cut, mea jewelryning they a jewelryre not fa jewelryceted & polished & rema jewelryin in their origina jewelryl rough & na jewelrytura jewelryl bea jewelryuty. They a jewelryre set in a jewelry brushed 24K Vermeil - OR -sterling silver setting a jewelrynd no two pieces a jewelryre sha jewelryped the sa jewelryme which a jewelrydds to their unique bea jewelryuty.Presented on a jewelry 2-inch ha jewelrynd-sta jewelryined wood ca jewelryrd with gemstone informa jewelrytion on ba jewelryck. Pa jewelrycka jewelryged in a jewelry bea jewelryutiful little orga jewelrynza jewelry pouch-----------------------------------------Insta jewelrygra jewelrym \u25b6\ufe0e @urba jewelrynroseNYC-----------------------------------------

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